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Empanelment – Allahabad Bank – Concurrent / Revenue Audit


Head office : 2, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata-700 001

FAX -2231-2422, E-MAIL-
1.    Allahabad Bank invites applications in the under noted prescribed format from practicing firms of Chartered Accountants of India who are willing to have their firm empanelled as Concurrent/ Revenue Auditor in the Bank.
2.    The panel of auditors maintained last year (excluding existing concurrent auditors) since expired and  will not be used for appointment of  internal audit jobs.
3.    The Bio-data should be submitted in the under-noted format to the Dy.General Manager, Inspection Deptt, Concurrent Audit Cell, Head office, Fourth Floor, 14, India Exchange Place, Kolkata –700001 only by postal service / courier.
4.    “Application  for empanelment for Concurrent & Revenue Audit-2012” should be  mentioned on the envelope carrying Bio-data
5.    Mere submission of application does not, in any way, constitute guarantee for allotment of any audit job from the bank. After empanelment, the work will be allotted  as & when need arises at the sole discretion of the Bank.
6.    The  following type of audit  firms are  not  required  to submit their Bio-data:
a)Existing concurrent auditors
b)if Firm / it’s proprietor / any partner has been disqualified / depanelled   or whose appointment has been terminated by RBI/ ICAI/ Bank / any other  Bank  on an earlier occasion.
c)Audit firms who have conducted statutory audit of  Allahabad bank branches for the year 2011-12
d)Associate concerns of  Audit firms  who have conducted statutory audit of  Allahabad bank branches for the year 2011-12, defined as under by RBI:
“Associate concerns means any corporate body or partnership firm wherein the proprietor and/or partner(s) of the statutory audit firm  and/or their relative(s) is/are Directors or partners and/or jointly or severally hold 20% or more of the interest in the corporate body or partnership. “Relative” for this purpose will mean the spouse or any lineal ascendant or descendant of the proprietor or partner of the statutory audit firm.”
7.    If the space provided for against any item in the Bio-data format is not sufficient, details may be furnished in a separate sheet..
8.    All  enclosures must be attested as true copy under seal by the proprietor / at least one partner in case  of  partnership firm)
9.    Any change in the Bio-data format will  result in rejection of the same.
10. The last date for receipt of Bio-data is 6th August,2012.
01    Name of the Audit firm                           :
02    Date of Establishment                            :
03    RBI Unique Firm Code  No.                  :
04    Registration No. of firm with ICAI         :
05    PAN No. of firm                                       :
06    Address  (Head office)                           :
07    Phone & mobile number of H.O.          :
08    Fax No.& E-mail                                      :
09    Details of branch
Name of branch Name of Branch Head Address Phone / mobile No & E-mail.

10    Constitution (Proprietorship/ Partnership):
(Copy of  partnership deed & Copy of  constitution Certificate issued by the ICAI certifying the constitution of the firm & branches as on  01.01.2012 to be enclosed. If there is any change after 01.01.2012, latest certificate & latest partnership deed may be submitted).
11. Particulars of  Full time partners / proprietor:
S.No. Name Age ICAI Membership No. Whether passed DISA/ CISA * Whether FCA / ACA Whether Ex-banker  having audit experience or not**

*(Xerox copies of the certificates to be enclosed. Certificate of practical training or Eligibility test are not at all required.
**If any partner is ex-banker, his experience certificate is to be submitted.
 All partners / proprietor mentioned above are full time practicing Chartered Accountants & not employed elsewhere.

12.Past  Experience of Important Bank Assignment (Experience of Firm only to be  mentioned. Separate experience of partners with any other firm is not to be mentioned) -Details of the important bank assignment(s) completed in the last 5 years and those in hand at present

Experience of Statutory Audit of  Nationalised Banks:
Name of bank Name of branch Year

(Copy of appointment letter  for  latest assignment  to be enclosed)
13.Experience of  Concurrent  Audit of  Nationalised Banks / Major Private Sector banks ***:
Name of bank Name of branch Year

(Copy of appointment letter  for  latest assignment  to be enclosed)
***No other audit to be mentioned here except Concurrent Audit.
14.Experience of  concurrent audit of specialised functions in Nationalised Banks / Major Private Sector banks  (i.e. treasury, forex, dealing room, I.S.Audit & risk based internal audit- No other audit like Revenue audit or stock audit to be mentioned here):
Nature of audit Name of bank Name of branch Year

(Copy of appointment letter  for  latest assignment  to be enclosed)
15.If  firm  or partners / proprietor has taken any  advance  from Allahabad Bank, please furnish necessary details as under:
Name of firm/ partner/ proprietor Name of Bank’s branch Nature of advance &.Dr. balance as on date

16.Whether the firm or  any partner have ever been debarred / depanelled by  ICAI/RBI/our bank/any other bank. If yes, details to be mentioned :
17.Annual Income:
(Copy of the latest Income tax Return of the Firm to be attached.)
18.Any other details :
19)I/We further confirm that :
a)Any other firm where my / our  proprietor / partner is interested as proprietor / partner shall  not submit bio-data
 b)The firm / any partner was  not statutory auditor or sister/associate concern/Network firm  of  Statutory auditors of  branches of  Allahabad Bank for the year 2011-12 & I/we are not disqualified  under any of grounds  given in  Sec.226 of the Companies Act,1956
 c)Credit facilities availed by the firm or partners / proprietor or firms in which they are partners or directors including any facility availed by a third party for which the firm are it’s partners / proprietor are/is guarantor/s have not turned or are existing as Non-performing assets as per the prudential norms of RBI.
 d)I/We have necessary office set up & adequate personnel to ensure proper deployment and timely completion of assignments.
 e)The assignment  will not be given on sub-contract to any outside firm  or other persons even though such persons are qualified Chartered Accountants.
 f)If my/ our name is included in the bank’s list of approved CAs/Consultants, I / we will undertake to do the tasks entrusted to me / us in the best interest of the Bank & in a professional manner & I/We abide by the rules and regulations of the Bank in force from time to time and will always keep the bank’s interest foremost in mind. In case of any misconduct / negligence, the Bank is free to report the matter to RBI / ICAI. This will be in addition to the disengagement from the assignment.
 g)The details / information furnished above are/is true and correct (if any detail furnished above is found incorrect later on, the Bank  has right to terminate the assignment, if given any, without giving any notice).
  Date :
Signature of All partners with
Name and ICAI Membership Nos
Office Seal


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